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Take action and ask your coworkers, friends, and family to let Congress know you support Section 1053 of the FY16 NDAA which converts a minimum of 20% of Dual Status technicians from Title 32 to Title 5.

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Technician Legislation

Section 519 FY12 NDAA
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Section 519 of the FY12 NDAA mandated the most comprehensive study of the Military Technician Program in over a decade. This page hosts the final report, along with a number of supporting documents regarding military technicians. 

Final Report Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) Report on Termination of Military Technicians as a Distinct Personnel Management Category
 Articles Files
 Feb 8, 2012 NGB White Paper Concerning Union Busting
 Mar 3, 2012 PowerPoint Handout March 2012
 Mar 5, 2012 PowerPoint Handout June 2012
 Jun 21, 2012 LIUNA Recommendations to CNA
 Jul 19, 2012  
 Aug 24, 2012  
 Nov 13, 2012  
Other Files Referenced in Conjunction with the Study
  Manning Full-Time Positions in Support of the Selected Reserve
  Reserve Component Personnel Issues: Questions and Answers
  GAO: Info on Military Technician Conversions to Full-Time AGR
  Separation and Retirement Incentives in the Federal Civil Service
  Mil-Techs: The Issue of Mandatory Retirement for NDS Techs
  The Effect of Reserve Component Mobilizations on Civilian Employers
  TRICARE Reserve Select: Cost Effectiveness of Extending Eligibility to All
  Effect of Activation on Reenlistment Earnings
  Military Retirement: Background and Recent Development
  Reserve Retirement Reform: A Viewpoint on Recent Congressional Proposals
  Army Reserve Components: Opportunities to Improve Management of FTS
  Manning Full-Time Positions in Support of the Selected Reserve
  Evolutionary Development of FTS Programs in the Army Reserve 1920-1987
  Proposal To Convert NG Technicians to Competitive Status (1994 Testimony)
Quadrennial Reviews of Military Compensation (QRMCs)
  Link to 9th - 11th QRMCs
  7th QRMC
6th QRMC
  5th QRMC


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