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Take action and ask your coworkers, friends, and family to let Congress know you support Section 1053 of the FY16 NDAA which converts a minimum of 20% of Dual Status technicians from Title 32 to Title 5.

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  LIUNA National Guard vs. ACT
Side by Side Comparison
Strength in Numbers...that's what being a LIUNA National Guard Technician means. LIUNA derives its strength from its large membership, and uses that strength to make sure your voice is heard both in your home state and in Washington DC. LIUNA Local 1776 is the most active National Guard technician organization in the country, and we invite you to join us so that we can be even stronger on your behalf.

It's time to Leave ACT and Join LIUNA - For More Info Call 985-249-2315
 Category  LiUNA! (AFL-CIO)  ACT
Total Membership (strength) 580,000+ 4,100
Political Influence Top Union Contributor None
Technician Legislative Action Extremely Active None
see sample comparison chart
$13 - $20+
0.008% of your paycheck

Dental Plans Offered

Note: Choices vary by state.
Dental plan premiums may be
collected bi-weekly or monthly
depending on insurance provider.
Dental premiums are paid in
addition to regular dues.

Multiple Plans Available

Assurant Dental
Delta Dental
Dina Dental
Humana Dental

Ullico (Starmount)

Life Insurance (no extra cost) $20,000 $15,000

Other Benefits/Discounts

Union Plus
Davis Vision

Auto/Home discounts only


Federal Postal Coalition
Helmets to Hardhats
Union Vets Council (AFL-CIO)
United DoD Workers Coalition


Quoted In the News

The Journal Gazette

EANGUS New Patriot Spring 2016
EANGUS New Patriot Summer 2016
EANGUS New Patriot Fall/Winter 2016
Salt Lake Sentinel

NARFE Magazine

NBC LOD Investigation
NBC Suicide Investigation
NBC Special Report


Social  Media Reach

- All LIUNA pages open to the public

Facebook: 13,000+ followers

- Main Page: 1,300
- Save the Apache: 7,700
- Arlington Burial Rights: 4,200

Twitter: 230 followers

Facebook: 360

- ACT page 'closed' to the public

Web Site 

- Modern
- User-friendly
- Open to the public

- Old
- Clumsy
- Closed to the public


- Sleek
- Informative
- Mailed to you and available on-line

- Rambles incoherently
- Difficult to navigate
- On-line only
When you compare the 2 organizations...the Choice is Clear



Choice for
National Guard


Member Breakdown

Regular 378,000
- Construction 353,000
- Public Sector* 25,000
Mail Handlers 134,000
- Regular 37,000
- Associate 97,000
Retired 70,000
Total 582,000
*Public Sector Includes 1,600 National Guard Technicians

Copyright 2016 by LIUNA National Guard Council Local 1776